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EKG (Electro Cardiogram)  Workshop & Seminar

Course Description

This is a one day electrocardiograph (EKG) seminar/workshop for certified nurse’s assistants, Nurses, Medical assistants, phlebotomists and EKG technicians who need a review. 

» This class is a workshop for people already in the Healthcare field, for example; Certified Nurse Aide, CMA, MA, licensed nurse, etc..., if you have any of these certifications, then you are ready for this workshop.

Course Objective

This course teaches students patient preparation, performing and mounting of 12 lead, single channel EKG tracings, review of the cardio vascular system and related terminologies. The student will focus on basic rhythm identification and common disease states, like injury and infarction.

Cost  $250.00

Behavioral Expectations:

Participants upon completion will be able to: Describe the normal cardiac anatomy and physiology.
• Describe normal electrical conduction thru the heart.
• Participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the medical terminologies related to EKG
• The student will demonstrate basic understanding of EKG interpretations
• Participants will be able to identify the phases of the cardiac cycle and waveforms to the cardiac Cycle.
• Participants will be able to recognize normal and abnormal EKGs.
• Participants will be able to list important information that must be included on the EKG report.
• Participants will be able to recognize how 12 lead EKG relates to different areas of the heart.

Admission/ Pre Requisites: Must be CNAs, Phlebotomists, Medical assistants, Nurses, Direct working in various health care  settings as evidenced by certification and permit.

Required Text :
  • Shade fast and Easy ECG 2nd  Edition.(included in the cost)
    Hand out materials.

Method Of Instruction: 

  • Utilization of Lecture styles, demonstrations and return demonstrations.
    Criteria For successful completion; Timely arrival to program and sits to completion
  • 80% or more score on the quiz.
  • Return demonstration and successful check off of all taught skills.
  • Completion of Survey of the program

Upcoming Events:

EKG Workshop - Thursday November 14th - 10am

Secure your spot with at least a $100 dollars payment.

TWC approved S0835