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American Medical Institute on Cook Road is the place!

Orientation Every Monday & Tuesday

Grievance Policy

American Medical Institute Inc. on 6902 Cook Rd is offering Phlebotomy and EKG one day training certification program for Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Medication Aide and Certified Health Care workers. Sign up online or come in campus. First Wednesday of each month for Phlebotomy and First Friday of each month for EKG.

Class Time: 10am to 4pm

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Pearson Vue Testing Center, Healthcare Careers & GED serving Houston, TX

Continue Education Classes:
      ACLS Update       
ACLS New Class
CPR Class & Update
Certified Nurse Aide Updates

Certified Medication Updates
Assisted Living - Managers Training Updates
Prevention Management of Aggressive Behavior
Credit/Debit- Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Money Orders/Cashiers' Checks.

Nurse Aide Class  2x per week for 6 weeks

Training Orientation  Day Date
-  february 19th 2024  at 12 Noon

Patient Care Technician Orientation

Medication Aide Training Orientation Day
- february 19th 2024  at 12 Noon

Test takers must bring their own locks due to the limitation of locks in the test center.


Now Enrolling!

Check Out Our PCT Program - PCT (CNA, EKG, Phlebotomy, Child & Adult Nursing, and AP) Class Enrollment Ongoing

It is an excellent way to prepare for a great career in the health care field and a head start in nursing school!

Dummy Patient - Medical School

CPR & First Aid

With our complete CPR and first aid training program in Houston, Texas, you learn to do everything possible to save someone's life.

CPR Renewal

1:30pm (Tuesdays - Friday)  $35 Walk-Ins Welcome!

Customer Contact Hours:
Tuesday – Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

American Association
of Diabetes Educators

American Association
of Consultant Pharmacists

CPR Renewal 1:30pm (Tuesdays - Friday) $35 Walk-Ins Welcome!

Nurses and Medical Practitioners - Medical School

NA Training

Take your first step toward a successful career in the health care industry with our complete NA training courses.

Established in 1997 |  More Than 40 Years of Experience | Locally Serving Houston, Texas; Services Available Nationwide

Who We Are

Begin your journey toward a career in the health care industry with American Medical Institute Inc. of Houston, Texas. Our proprietary school offers the tools and education you need to pass your certification to become a nursing assistant, medication aid, or assisted living manager. You can even train to get a position in the prevention and management of aggressive behaviors. We devote our time and energy to the personal needs of every student, utilizing our state-of-the-art clinical laboratory for hands-on demonstrations. We also assist in helping students earn a High School Diploma. We provide training updates for managers and employees that work in assisted living facilities.

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Mission Statement

AMI Inc. embraces a people direct philosophy, which is uniquely simple. It accepts that humans are created with particular physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional qualities, and it is the task of education to assist individuals to develop the maximum of their compacity. 

AMI Inc. provides qualified candidates with quality health carrier education utilizing work-based activity and skills training, instructing students to search competency level that qualifies them for entry-level employment in their chosen program

Contact us today to pass your medical certification with our detailed training programs.

Approved Courses of Instruction
Texas Curriculum for Nurse Aides in Long Term Care 2018 Edition
Medication Aide Tma Basic Course Curriculum Student 2018 Edition

How to Sign Up

Step 1.

Select Course by reading descriptions and based on need.

Step 2.

Complete a registration form.

Step 3.

Submit payment for the course(s). Payments may be made with credit or debit card or via a Paypal.

Step 4.

Confirmation of registration and payment will be made by provider by phone or e-mail within 48.


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