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American Medical Institute on Cook Road is the place!

Medication Aid Training Programs

Receive the hands-on and the personal instructions you need to become a Medication Aid with American Medical Institute Inc. of Houston, Texas. Our skilled professionals. We offer stimulating, student-centered training courses that will help you excel in the field.

Nursing Aid Team - CNA Training

Thorough Learning

Our Medication Aid Training is four (4) days a week for eight (8) weeks, with only four (4) hour days for classes. We are very accommodating to our students by offering very flexible payment plans. Our institute is large to facilitate learning, with classes taking place in the skills lab and classroom. The work based training is spent in the facility where the candidates work to give you the precise hands-on training that you will need to start your health care journey.

Medication Aid Training & Updates

Candidates must currently be employed in a long-term care facility as direct caregivers or CNAs, and must have a high school diploma or GED. In this training program, we include the written materials, textbooks, and demonstrations. We are centrally located, have free parking, and are close to bus routes.

Morning and Evening Classes are now available. 



                                                                                                      June 21st 2024 @ noon



    Phlebotomy seminar/Workshop from 10.00am-5.30pm

  on Main Campus at 6302 Cook Road. Scheduled by Appointment

                     Contact us to achieve your dream of becoming a Medication Aid with our concentrated training courses.

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