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American Medical Institute on Cook Road is the place!

English for Speakers of Different Languages (ESDL)

 As part of our commitment to learning and self-improvement for health care providers and the community at large.

We are enrolling for English classes and GED lessons.

Language barriers are a common challenge in the classroom and can be a major source of frustration. Students who want to better communicate in all settings will benefit from ESDL classes.  This classes also will improve communication on the job.  American Medical Institute offers an ESDL program to meet the diverse needs of the community who speak different languages as their first language, or who just want to improve  English for customization in the US community.

• GED lessons are offered.
• Classes are offered week nights and weekends by highly educated and experienced teachers in the field
• Our introductory offer is 100 dollars every two weeks.

ESDL, or English for Speakers of Different Languages, are classes that are designed to help students improve reading, writing, listening to and speaking English. Classes are available at American Medical institute Campus, 6902 Cook Road Houston Texas.

We work with you in a small group, very supportive and challenge you to do more.

Why take ESDL

• Better communicate with peers and co-workers 
• Better understand advanced level classroom instruction 
• Attain a higher paying job and of course advance with ease in any field of your choice.