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American Medical Institute on Cook Road is the place!

Mission Outreach

American medical Institute Inc., a non profit organization was established in 1996,  has locally worked in partnership with the Texas free immunization program to give free immunization to area high schools and elementary schools. In partnership with Catholic medical mission and some national pharmaceutical organizations that support charity work, we have done overseas mission work. We have partnered with Mount Zion clinic in West Africa and some local physicians to do a yearly mission work, doing a free blood pressure and vital signs assessment as well as blood glucose assessment to the natives of Njawa local government and surrounding regions.

Our focus has been monitoring and treating blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. We have given extensive health education on prevention and management of these chronic health issues. All these services are at zero cost to the benefactors. They have deeply appreciated this since health care is almost nonexistent to the poor in these communities.

This time come December 2016 & yearly, we will need to extend Vision and dental care to the population that we serve, in addition to Hypertension and Diabetes management.

We Would Deeply Appreciate Your Support
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6.Medications to Treat Hypertension (Long Expiration Date)
7.Medications to Treat Diabetes
8.Multivitamins and Pain Killers

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren you have done it to me …… Christ Jesus Matt 25.31